Why do American football players use turf tape?

With more and more football players spotted with a tape patched from their triceps down to their wrists, turf tapes are gaining popularity in football players and are quickly spilling over to your local team. 


What is turf tape for?

Turf tape is a type of athletic tape usually made up of nylon and cotton with a medical adhesive. It is used to protect the arms or body from “turf burns, scrapes, blisters, and calluses” resulting from body-to-body or body-to-surface contact. Although usual turf tape prevents cuts and scrapes, it doesn’t have the same muscle and joint support which can also serve as turf tape. If you know you’ll be on the ground during game time, this is the perfect product to avoid unnecessary injury

Aside from its performance benefits, turf tapes are also a nice statement piece while playing on the field. Whether you’re in the mood to sport bright colors or go with basics, tapes can definitely make you stand out while you run towards your touchdowns.

How many times can you use turf tape?

If you apply to a clean skin surface, our turf tape will last throughout the game and overtime.

Depending on your frequency of play, it should last you throughout several practices and games.


Material Features

  • Ultra Protection - Extra wide design with turf burn stop can prevent the players from being hurt during the game.
  • Stretchy - O Shield football turf tape can be stretched a lot which means the muscle of your arm will be in the most comfortable way.
  • Breathable - O Shield football turf tape is made of breathable materials, allowing your skin can always have the fresh air.
  • Quick and Easy Application - It is easy to apply O Shield football turf tape, instead, it takes little time to apply it on your arms and wrists
  • Ultra Sticky - Because of the speacial materials, players do not have to worry if the turf tape will come off during the game. O Shield football turf tape is sticky enough, allowing players can focus on the games only.
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