Your Best Football Back plates in 2024 – The List of You Must Have

Football back plates have become increasingly popular over the years. As quarterback’s often elect to wear rib pads, skill players often wear the more stylish

Football back plates are attached to the back half of the shoulder pads. They support the lower spine and decrease the impact on the lower back region.

Back plates are great for protection, but they have become a fashion statement for players over the years. They allow them to showcase their creativity, as players have customized their look with different decals.

Let’s take a closer look at the back plate and what it does.


Back plate Style

Players started to wear back plates as fashion statements. The traditional square back plate (often un-branded) was seen hanging out of the shirts of skill players.  

Pair the back pad with armbands, a towel, arm sleeve, flashy cleats, and a speedy running back – now that’s intimidation!  

Like how players wore stick-on eye black with letters and numbers on them, it wasn’t to keep the sun or light out of their eyes, but for a fashion statement.  

Your Best Football Back plates in 2024

We recommend you view the prices on Amazon to view discounts or price changes due to supplier availability.

Based on a few metrics, we’ve chosen the best football back plates to protect your lower back. Protection, price, and style were the three categories that went into our list.

We’re always conscious of the pricing, as these items can get pricey. Last, have a stylish back plate that you’re happy to show off and proud to rep that brand.


What Football Positions Wear Back plates?

Any position can wear a back plate. Typically ball carriers or receivers sport back plates; however, any play who wants to protect the lower spine can wear a back pad


How Do I Attach A Football Back plate To My Shoulder Pads?

Football back plates are often attached via screws directly into the shoulder pads. Also, players can use zip ties to secure the back plate in place – however, zip ties may break during the game.

We recommend buying the screws from the manufacturer if you lose the screws that typically come standard with each purchase.


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