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O Shield That Man Silver Chrome Football Back Plate, Lower Back Pads for Football

O Shield That Man Silver Chrome Football Back Plate, Lower Back Pads for Football

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About this item

  • RELIABLE PROTECTION-Designed for football, provides core protection for lower back, kidneys and spine. Against impacts coming from the back.
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL- The high-impact foam interior stitched with breathable fabric curved slightly just fit your back comfortably.
  • UNIC TECHNOLOTY-Because of unique crumpling engineering technology, it can absorb impact energy and give the maximum protection on your lower back.
  • YOUTH FIT & ADULT FIT- Suitable for whose weight is less than 180 pounds or more than 180 pounds
  • PREMIUM PATTERN- Printed in variety of saturated colors and high-gloss finish, it gives players more choices to motivate themselves!


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Product Features


O shield has been working on football back plates for many years and aimed to provide safe and professional back plates for players.

✔ O shield back plates are made of lightweight durable plate, ventilated fiber and foam padding for absorbing impacts. It can ensure players to move easily and comfortably.
✔ The contoured curve fitting design is for back comfort and additional protection. 
✔ The back plate securely anchors for padding can fit most adult shoulder pads. 
✔ The attached hardware kits can easily be installed tightly on the pads.
✔ Exclusive designs and high-quality materials keep players blindside been protected and stand out on the field. 
✔ With various stylish patterns on back pads, players can fight and display their styles at the same time.

O shield is hardworking and trustworthy to be your strong backing support!